Fiscal sponsorship platform for non-profits


My Role:

Brand strategy, Product design

Footstool is a non-profit organization offering its legal and tax-exempt status to organizations seeking grants and tax-deductible donations for international causes. Footstool's fiscal sponsorship allows qualifying organizations to legally raise funds in the United States and also issue tax receipts. In partnership with GrassRoot, a secure international donation platform, our team sought relationship-driven digital solutions to multiply resources for the common good.

We focused on the South Korean landscape because of Seoul's unique position in Asia with its booming technological infrastructure and central proximity to both China and Japan. The main problem we defined was the underdeveloped giving culture in South Korea. Most Korean NGOs are small and do not qualify for merchant accounts, so we focused on the opportunity to connect Korean NGOs with international donors.


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Design Research
My work focused on using design research methodologies to develop a deeper understanding of our target users and the cross-cultural context.


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Design Impact

We focused on the synergy of technology and human connection to build a trustworthy giving experience. I worked on refining brand elements to clearly highlight Footstool's longstanding community relationships. We utilize more tagging, color coding, infographics and iconography to allow for deeper user engagement. We also integrated an online blog into the platform to highlight personal stories and interviews for storytelling and community engagement. In 2016, Footstool had in a 229% increase in annual donations and continues to grow in new fiscal sponsorships year over year.