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A premium moviegoing experience

Arthouse 2

My Role:

Brand strategy, Art direction


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Photography assets courtesy of RDI & partnering studios

In order to keep the cinephile audience connected to the various cinema brands, we sought to fuel meaningful and emotional brand engagement at every touchpoint--on the big screen, at the box office, at concessions, after the movie, and online. Our brand stories centered on the unique legacies of our various theater brands and an elevated movie-going experience.

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Concessions & Cocktails

By creating a premium moviegoing experience with elevated concession options, we enhanced the movie theater experience by engaging moviegoers beyond the big screen. We thoughtfully integrated technology into our theaters with digital menus, QR codes, and performance creatives. During the lockdown season, we launched an 'Eats At Home' delivery program for our local guests to recreate the movie theater experience at home.

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Studio Partnerships

We activated existing fanbases with movie tie-ins to concession packages. Personalized email marketing and social creatives captured audience insights and measured awareness and interest in a film. We sought to measure consumer sentiment instead of volume to frame creative strategies for diversified market segments.

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Event Cinema: More Than A Movie Theater

The target demographics of our cinema portfolio range from audiences in Manhattan to Maui. Due to the diversified nature of our audiences, we created events and brand activations specific to each locale. Signature gift cards and merchandise shared the stories of our legacy theaters. Events highlighting repertory programming, film festivals, specialty programming, Q&As, etc. created a dynamic moviegoing experience.

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