Crafting a curated virtual cinema platform


My Role:

Brand strategy, Product design

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Angelika Film Center's digital platform connects the curated arthouse experience to streaming audiences anywhere. The unifying goal across branding, product, and marketing design was to declutter the digital experience by curating high quality film content for cinephile audiences.

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Due to pandemic restrictions and lockdowns, we had to find new digital channels and touchpoint to engage the arthouse cinema audience. Prior to the pandemic, most of our brand engagement was closely tied to the physical movie-going experience. In order to engage new and existing audiences online, we had to craft a curated digital platform that rivaled the real life Angelika experience.


The goal was to create a new revenue stream that could showcase a curated user experience, reduce product confusion, and increase visit-to-registrant conversion.


We had different approaches for the newly branded Angelika Anywhere streaming platform, testing for rich content and a streamlined user experience. With our first prototypes, I conducted user interviews and A/B tests to evaluate which design elements drove deeper engagement. I also worked on refreshing Angelika Film Center's legacy branding (created in 1989) by designing a logo and design system to fit a digital-first context.

Early Explorations

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Style Guide – Typography.png
Style Guide – Buttons.png
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Design Launch

After consolidating our learning from the user research process, I made responsive prototypes detailing the platform design. We focused on the film discovery experience by highlighting the curated collections feature and creating custom cover artworks to channel the arthouse cinema feel. Exclusive bonus content such as director Q&A videos is a key value proposition in a competitive streaming landscape. We partnered with an external development team to make the final vision come to life in code.

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